The Income Protection Plan

We offer an income protection plus plan which will pay you a regular income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

What's your back-up plan?

Most people, at some point within their lives need to seriously consider income protection, a plan which protects their income should they fall ill or have an accident which prevents them from paying their bills After all, our financial commitments do not go on hold.

The anxiety of not being able meet your financial commitments should not be your biggest worry if you are unwell. Protecting your income in the event of illness or injury could remove potential financial worries, leaving you to concentrate on your recovery knowing that the bills can be paid on time.

These things always happen when you are least expecting them and all we ask is that you assess the risks and take preventative action if you see fit.

But why have income protection, when you can have income protection PLUS?

We offer a tailored plan that pays you a regular income for an affordable cost for as long as you need it, should you find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury. What's more your plan includes a unique investment element that pays out at the maturity of your policy, mirroring that of a savings plan.

  • Ensuring your lifestyle is not disrupted – cover can start from the first day you are incapacitated that lasts until you recover or until you reach the age of 65 – whichever comes sooner.
  • No penalties for claims – we do not penalise you for making a claim, and there are no restrictions on the number of claims you can make. Your claim will be paid until you are able to return to your professional career or reach age 65.
  • Cover to suit you – you can review your plan with us at any time, to ensure you have the right amount of cover to suit your personal circumstances.
  • Take a break – if you would like to take a career break, you are able to suspend cover for up to two years and then resume at the original level without re-applying.
  • Investing in your future – the plan comes with an investment element, which pays out at maturity of your policy.

Income protection plus cover is more affordable than you think. Visit our Quick Quote to see how little it would cost you to protect your income today. Having cover in place could eliminate any unnecessary worry, leaving you to concentrate on your recovery with the added bonus of investing in your financial future.

Our friendly team are always happy to discuss cover options with you. If you would like to talk to us about income protection cover that works for you, call 01727 228571 or email us